BTTB Reading Plan 5-Better Late Than Never :)

Blog Through The Bible If you have been waiting with “Baited Breath” for the reading plan, I apologize! This week has been like catching a rapidly moving train and prioritizing left me certain that I would not make it to the blog in time this week. :)If you are still reading along, leave a comment. Those who post comments on the Monday posts – 50 out of 52 weeks – will be entered to win a NKJV of the Spirit-Filled Life Bible. 🙂 Hang in there and see you on Monday.

3 thoughts on “BTTB Reading Plan 5-Better Late Than Never :)

  1. I am SO caught up! The BTTB plan is on the desktop of my computer, which I did not take to Denver cuz it was such a quick trip, (37 hours, home-Denver-home), that I knew I’d be too exhausted to open it once we finally made it to our hotel from the hospital. When we finally got to the house yesterday at 4m, unload a ton of groceries, unpack, shower, feed the husband and sleep! But my son had taken my computer to work anyway. I’m really glad you published the reading plan this morning! All the Bible reading I did on the plane(s), was totally right on. 🙂 And…I found out our flight attendant is a Christian, is doing a One Year plan with her dad, and gave her this site information! Isn’t that cool? She said she’d like a place to go deeper and learn more with other believers. That just makes me smile.

  2. That is so very cook, Amy. Thanks for spreading the road. I hope she logs in . You bless me so much. I am so glad we have met through this online experience both here and at DBM. IT is the coolest thing. 🙂

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