Blog Through The Bible Reading Plan – Weekk 6

Here is the reading plan. All this snow seems to have stymied my memory.

Let me know if you are still reading along. I’ve not heard from many of you in the last few weeks. Would love to know what you are getting out of your readings!



3 thoughts on “Blog Through The Bible Reading Plan – Weekk 6

  1. Am still reading, just not doing the other part of it. Guess I’m afraid. Not very deep these days. I will say, reading thru Leviticus, which I am about to finish in a few minutes, MAN, there were LOTS of Laws. Good thing His plan all along was to send His Son.

  2. I’m with you, Amy. 🙂 A LOT OF LAWS. I would love to hear more of your take on your readings. It not so much how deep we go, but what He is speaking to our hearts at the moment. I am almost sure that if He is blessing your heart as you read – it will bless others. 🙂

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