Cosmic Disturbances

I tried to find a picture to adequately express my thoughts tonight. But nothing would suffice. As I review that last month in the news I realize life is tilting in precarious ways. Both in the temporary, earthly realm and the spiritual realm there seems to be a “disturbance in the force” to quote Star Wars characters and Bob Hamp in that historical order.

In the last few weeks I have watched Egyptians unseat their national leader, and try to kill each other. American journalists have been kidnapped/arrested, tortured, beaten and raped while covering the Egyptian crisis.

The Egyptian crisis was preceded by a Tunisian uprising, and now Iran is sailing warships off the coast of Israel through Egypt’s Suez Canal. What in the World?

Add to this protests in Bahrain and Greece, and then there is Libya and their rather unusual leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi. He would like the world to believe HE is the victim of terrorism.  Is that ever the pot calling the kettle… Well, you get the picture!

New Zealand had a horrific earthquake, and Australia has had devastating floods and tornadoes in that last year. And the United States has experienced record snowfall in all it’s areas this year – well except maybe Hawaii.

I’m just thinking that there is something going on in this big wide world around us and it is more than eyes can see.

Teachers in Wisconsin are not going to the schools and teaching – for the kids. Instead they are camping in their state capital building day and night because they don’t want to lose their unions. Perhaps I would not want to lose that deal if I could get it either – personally, I’m a union wife who has spent a time or two sparring with a Union President who was not only rude and insulting, but takes my husband’s hard earned money each month and provides little in return. When the company needs to lay off they cut here not in New York – why? Because New York workers for my husband’s company have a “No Lay-Off” clause in their contract and make a considerable higher wage as well. Are Unions really what they are cracked up to be. Listening to their rhetoric on television makes me want to hurl. ENTITLED, ENTITLED, ENTITLED.

Add to that the idea that if you can cross the border to our country and establish a residence here we should make you a citizen – even if you break the law… I’m all for Hispanic and Canadian citizens coming to reside in our United States of America. I’m all for it, but I’m also for them doing in accordance with the laws of this country. We should not find ourselves rewarded for breaking the law – and if we were to transgress the borders of another country illegally we’d be imprisoned or dead. Just sayin’! Again, Does crossing the border make you eligible for citizenship? Or should you have to follow the rules for the privilege of living in the United States of America. Everyone has an answer – but what is the real solution? How can we keep from splitting families and enforce the laws of our land?

The President and his “talking heads” are now saying they will not defend the Defense of Marriage Act – a state’s rights issue at its core. National Healthcare is also a state’s rights issue. Don’t ask, Don’t tell has been repealed and I don’t know… television is portraying Christians as being radical, extremists bent on destruction and rebellion (“anarchy”) calling Jesus the original rebel. WHAT?

Add to that the rising cost of clothing, food and gas… And, you have a world ripe for disaster. But my God is bigger than all of this. I may not know for certain what is happening here on earth, but I know that God is greater than anything I face here on this earth and anything that looks like war produces the hope in me that we are one day closer to the rapture. “COME, LORD JESUS!”

“There will be wars and rumors of wars until I come again.” ~ Jesus (my paraphrase)



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  1. Michelle,
    Why, oh why would I need to start a new blog site for BTTB when YOU already express MY THOUGHTS so very adequately?? 🙂
    And you didn’t touch on killing babies; having just gotten off the phone with Concerned Women for America, THAT topic is much on my mind right now…..other than that, you nailed it. Thank you.

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