Sister Friends

I never had a sister growing up, but today I am a sister of many. I have three sisters-in-law in my family and thousands of sisters in Christ I serve every single day. But, the sisters I hold closest in my heart are my Interwebby, Twitterific, Facebook Posting, Blog-a-Hosting Sister Friends.

Without every laying eyes on each other we connect heart-to-heart through the musings of social networking. A tweet peep here, a FB status there and a blog post leads to comments that turn to emails and friendships are born. Is it truly possible to love someone you’ve never even met face-to-face.

I know for me it is true. A sweet sister friend connected with me on Facebook. She had read my posts on a friend’s blog and reached out. The next thing you know she shares part of her story that connects with my own and my heart opens to receive her in God’s love as not only my FB internet “friend,” but a heart friend connected by the Heart of God.

Imagine? God knew all along – even if Al Gore did invent the internet and that mid-twenty something billionaire with a name 50 miles long invented FB – God knew that people would find a way to build relationship and in turn His Kingdom through these very online features that continually absorb us through the internet. Blog On Sweet Sister Friends, and know I love you. Even when I’m not writing.

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