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This past weekend at Gateway Church we had the privilege of partaking of the wisdom of John C. Maxwell renowned preacher and teacher in the area of Christian Leadership.

He shared a message on Attitude that had us laughing at ourselves and contemplating truth as it applies to our own life. A few of his tweetable moments from Sunday:

“Grandchildren are God’s gift to you for not killing your children.”

“Most of the bologna you have in your life – you packed it!”

“The more you complain the less you attain.”

“Maturity doesn’t always come with age… SOMETIMES. AGE. COMES. ALONE.”

He commended us to an “Attitude of Gratitudestating, “What you appreciate appreciates.”

He also shared this Youtube clip of an amusing turn of events that befell him while teaching his message on Attitude to a congregation in Florida:

I had an experience similar to Mr. Maxwell’s attitude adjusting turn at Christ Fellowship in Florida while I was leading women’s ministry at a small Baptist Church in Wise County a few years back.

At that time I had a large, four translation parrallel study Bible in which I stuffed every card, note, sermon leaflet and even the checks for Bible study books being handed to me as  I walked up the aisle to the front of the church that evening. Not only was I exceedingly proud of MY. BIG. BIBLE. The stuffing also gave me an EGO. BOOST. AS. WELL.

The Bible warns us that PRIDE goes before the FALL! Pride and the fall came about the same time for me that night! 🙂

As I turned to place my heavily stuffed Bible on the music stand at the front of the church I watched helplessly as the shelf of the stand first wobbled and then swooped over sending my Bible and all it contents over with a flurry of papers, checks and various other items I had inserted for safe keeping. I smiled to cover the blush I was sure had begun crowding my face and said, “Lesson One – Do not stuff anything in your Bible if you are planning to speak before a group of people.”

I hastily stooped over, shuffled my scattered collectibles into a pile and slid them back into the cover of my Bible before moving on with evening’s announcements. It remains one of the many ways God has humbled me through leadership in my ministry experience and one of my favorite stories about my Bible. 🙂


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2.) IF YOU DON’T HAVE A BLOG: Leave a comment including your name and 1) A John Maxwell Quote (A Maxwell Maxism) and 2) A personal testimony of how God used something in your ministry like this Youtube video to teach you a leadership principle or to demonstrate the very thing you were sharing about in that moment.

If you would like to hear the message John Maxwell shared with Gateway Church on Sunday morning visit Gateway’s Website and check out the sermon link. You may follow John Maxwell on Twitter -especially if you need a quote- (@JohnCMaxwell).

Injoy. The drawing for the Maxwell Leadership Bible will be held on Monday, May 30, 2011 by random drawing. Comments/Posts will be accepted until Midnight (Central Time), Sunday May 29th. Your post/comment will be ordered by number and a random selection program will generate the winner! Can I get a Witness?

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