Thoughts from the Back Seat

A few observations from our trip to Colorado these last few days. Let me start by saying that it feels like we’ve entered another world entirely. On one hand you have the majestic Rocky Mountains: Specifically Vail Mountain while on the other hand you have all the commerce and tourist fare that would go with resort communities anywhere in the world. Still, in the middle of all that something wonderful rises up. Creation – all this creative energy permeates my entire being today.

As we drove up into the mountain ranges of Colorado from New Mexica I had some really fun and some really scary revelations. So… As they say on Broadway: “On With The SHOW!”

1. The view from the front seat is always broader. You can see the “big picture” or the “full landscape.” The backseat however provides a limited perspective with more vivid details – Not all of them true to the bigger picture.

2. The lens through which I choose to see show only a part of what is really there. The lenses that God has given me reveal dimension, detail and design artificial lenses fail to capture.

3. My vantage point greatly determines not only what I see, but also the way I see it. HMMMM.

4. “Thar’s Gold in them thar’ hills.” 🙂

5. Waterfalls are not as captivating at 60 mph as they are when I am standing still. 🙁

6. God truly is everywhere all the time, but today, as I sit very nearly on top of the world, I feel so close to him  both in proximity and heart. Sweet moments.

7. Chicken-brakes are useful when traveling downhill… On second thought, maybe not.  I wore out my invisible Chicken-brake as we descended out of Denver into Eagle County. What would it be like being a driving instructor in Eagle County, Colorado. Oh My!

8. Traction control may prove as dangerous as it is useful.

9. Hot brakes and wet pavement are not a good combination – especially when traveling rapidly down a steep declining roadway.

10. If the speed limit for trucks on mountain roadways is 35 mph then cars and non-18 wheeled vehicles should only travel 45 mph maximum. Just sayin’ – Visions & Sounds of 80 mph with approaching brake lights while our tires skipped across the pavements are still dancing in my head.

BONUS: My favorite sign: “Lost Brakes? Don’t exit.”

Second Favorite was coming out of a tunnel: “Warning falling rocks and wildlife may be in roadway.” Yikes!

It’s been real. But, I know now more than ever…

The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? ~Psalms 27:1 (NKJV)

Thank you, Lord!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Back Seat

  1. that was great i love hearing about your trip and i can just see ya’ll and the wet pavement and skidding tires and it makes me think of Ned coz we know he would drive the same way i’m only guessing Ted was driving and i can just see all your faces and it makes me laugh and cry coz i can just see my dad Ned

  2. Hey, Toledo, Thanks for stopping by. I miss Uncle Ned, too. He was always a gentle giant of a man. 🙂 Funny how much alike the “twins” named after a team of horses were. How alike and how different. 🙂

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