Our recent trip to Colorado has left me captivated. Each morning we awoke to clouds covering the Vail Mountains that surrounded the resort area of Avon and Beaver Creek Village.

The sight of low clouds buffetting the mountains as far as the eye could see filled me with awe.

My heart awakened in Colorado to something I’ve barely known before. My heart found the beauty of creation in Colorado. I snapped this first picture from the third floor balcony of our room at Lakeside Terrace. The clouds dancing along the dips and rises of the mountains that encompassed us there seemed like a gift. A beautiful, cottony gift – like God said, “I’m going to show off for you today.” Everyday. And He did not disappoint.

A few hours later, the clear blue skies broke through the clouds and we found the sweet glory of sunshine landing upon us all around. The men went fishing and the women went… For a walk. Yes, we did. The cooler temperatures of Colorado were refreshing so we walked about the boat house and sidewalks surrounding the lake taking in the beautiful, picturesque landscape that we could not escape. Mountains on us from every side, and bright, beautiful skies with air so clean – the atmosphere literally felt different.

On the second day we went up the mountain to Beaver Creek Village. A sweet little villa that looks like a picture page from a book about the Swiss Alps. The village was full of sporting good shops, artists galleries, and beautiful opportunities to discover the love of God upon the earth – as expressed through the many facets of his creation, including people.

From our patio at Lakeview Terrace you could see the smallest building tucked up in the trees nestled between the mountaintops. As we drove up I captured this picture from the road that snakes around the golf course and homes built up into the mountainside on the way to Beaver Creek village.

As we walked along it was pleasant to discover shades of home along the way. 🙂

The villa’s shops and residential buildings sported both state and national flags from around the world up and down the concourse. Much to observe and see – we would make many trips up the mountain to Beaver Creek Village the five days we stayed in Colorado. While Mom, Laura and Sherry broused the shops, I snapped photos of some of the local art and natural beauty built into the villa.

I showed my dad this picture of mother having what appears to be a deep conversation with George Washington outside of a bronze sculpture gallery. I quipped, “And you thought you were the political one…” I love this picture of my mom.

We each had a picture taken with a few of the bronze sculptures – well, save the men. My Scott only posed upon my insistance that he befriend a bronze dog outside a different gallery.

So now you will see the real reason we ventured to Beaver Creek Village on nearly a daily basis. 🙂 Rimini! Rimini is a gelato and coffee shop that serves meals on the side. Each day they make fresh gelato and display it like art in a beautiful refrigerator case. I told the gentleman behind the counter that I wanted to write about the gelato shop on my blog so he allowed me to take pictures.  Hopefully he will read about it someday and see that I was true to my word.

Since he let me snap his picture, this is by far the best customer service we received – well except for the waiter from Za Zappo’s where we ate the night we arrived. He accidentally spilt tea all over my dad and Laura and we still found the service grand – but that is another story all together.

He scooped up two flavors of delicious sorbet and gelato for us in large cups. And we sat out in the sun and ate our frozen delights from teeny, tiny spoons. 🙂

There was one flavor that I would not try, but the name, “Elvis” captured all of our attention. Peanut Butter, Bananas and Bacon. Yes, Bacon. This day I got strawberry sorbet and Birthday Cake gelato. Yummo! He said, one Strawberry Cake coming right up. The gelato had little sprinkles in it – me, very happy. I felt like a little kid on my birthday all over again.

If you ever find yourself in Avon, Colorado the trip up to Beaver Creek Village is worth it if only to stop in at Rimini – but be sure to get up there before sundown – the shop provides delicious treats but only during daylight hours. 🙂

After enjoying our frozen treats, we walked about and discovered more of the village. While Sherry explored a sign that said, “Paint Your Own Pottery,” and Mom and Laura went into a few other shops along the path I snapped photos of the creek and flowers all around the village.

The pictures really tell the rest of it so much better than I do… So here you go!


One word: Captivating! I will be back tomorrow to share the beautiful artwork we saw on our journey! See you soon.

4 thoughts on “Captivating

  1. Hey Michelle,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I did not know that you had started a new blog. I’ve started one too. My new blog address is: I don’t get as much time writing since I started a new job and had a new grandbaby but I’m hoping to get back to writing at least weekly. Looks like you had an amazing trip. Love the photos! Blessings, Julie

  2. Hi Julie,

    I don’t have a grandchild, but I have a full-time job and ministry that I am jumping into. Monday through Wednesday Scott and I are split two ways or out to 9:00 pm. I love what I’m doing but I miss the cyber-sisters I got to know and love a few years back and I really miss the writing. I’m making more room for it in my life. 🙂 Love you, girl. I’ll be by to visit and read up on your new blog. I did have a wonderful time in Colorado. I think a piece of my heart is still there. God has a plan for that I’m just waiting for it to bear fruit in our lives. 🙂 Blessings, M

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