When there are no words…

When in Colorado I saw things that took my breath away and left no room for words. I didn’t just see the majesty of the Rocky Mountains in northern Colorado – I felt it. Deep inside of me something awakened, a new sense of awe and childlike wonder I had no wordsΒ  to describe.

Colors jumped to life before my very eyes. My heart found a place to be thrilled and quieted all in the same moment. As the two vehicles in our vacation caravan kept pace, one with another, I allowed my eyes to trace every line and explore every crevice it saw. I pulled out my phone or the camera and snapped away as the Lord whispered sweetly in my ears. “I planned this for you.”

Light beckoned me in Colorado. It danced among the clouds just ahead or above the fray on the interstate before us. When the clouds proved dense, the sun would peek out now and again as if to say, “I’m still here. I’ll be with you all day.”

Rain fell and fear threatened. Skirmishes broke out in the caravan still we all arrived in one piece. The storm in my heart over the treacherous drive all but subsided. I felt quiet, and did not want to talk. Disappointed does not even begin to describe the way I felt. I felt submersed in dark water. This is vacation?

Would the storms remain?

Decidedly no. πŸ™‚

As the Sun came up… The Moon went down…

Sunset atop Lionshead at Vail. At a cool, crisp 40 degrees it is one of the most beautiful moments we experienced on our trip.

This little birdie met us on the Spruce Loop trail up the mountain from Beaver Creek Village. It taunted me with a spirited little flounce across the path I ventured down. I followed into a narrow trail and snapped a few photos as he flitted and flew among the branches of the evergreens there. Sweet Tweet! πŸ™‚

SO.Β  GRATEFUL. that I did not see this sign before we walked in the woods. Running into a bear was NOT on my list of things to do in Colorado. I think my favorite one is to talk calmly if the bear sees you so he knows you are not a threat. Stand your ground on the ground… Why? Bears climb trees. Yeah, it is useful information but I am pretty sure all that information would fly out the window if I ever stand toe-to-toe with a bear.

I mentioned the pottery painting tent we discovered the first day… This is the fruit of our labor. I painted a cereal sized bowl for my niece, Eva. We also did two smaller bowls, four dragons and a cute little police car.

Friday morning as we rode the ski lifts up to the Spruce Loop, little chipmunks pranced across the green grass covering the ski slopes below. My heart giggled at the sight of them. I wanted to see one up close and personal. Yes, I did. I prayed, Lord would you let me get a picture of a chipmunk.

We made our way back down the mountain on the chair lift without snapping a photo of a furry friend. But, the bird I met on the path certainly gave me great joy. At least not on Friday…

The next day shaking hands almost did me in when Scott pointed this little guy out to me at an information center in Pike’s National Forest. I shook and had a hard time finding the little guy in the zoomed in digital display of the camera. I thought I needed to hurry, but when he saw me coming toward him with my camera he ran right out on the rock and posed. YES. POSED.

We ventured further up the path and found Sherry and Kevin atop a stone terrace. Sherry was snapping pictures of a small herd of chipmunks who were frolicking all around her in the warm afternoon sun. This is the perfect way to end a vacation – in case you are wondering. I think we met Chip, Dale, Alvin, Simon and Theodore. πŸ™‚

The other view from the terrace…

And the rest of the trip on our last day in Colorado… Simply beautiful. We did take two excursions away from the older folk in our caravan. We drove all around Pike’s Peak area for several hours actually and happened into a town with a motorcycle rally in full swing. Thousands of bandana and leather clad Harley riders lined the streets – every street all over the town. The second turn off the beaten path was near Pueblo when we set out to find yarn. We called these two jaunts around the mountains “The Great Pike’s Peak Excursion” we literally drove around in a circle. Then when we got to Pueblo we lit out on “The Great Yarn Excursion.” I didn’t get to ride the cog train or see Pike’s Peak up close and personal, but I saw a pyramid made out of gold dust and old abandoned mines set all through the curving mountainous roads we traveled that last day in the Rocky Mountains.

My sweet Mom and Dad keeping warm at Lionshead. πŸ™‚

Sherry and Kevin at Pike’s National Forest.

Uncle Sam and Aunt Laura on the Georgetown Loop railroad heading out of Silver Plume, Colorado on Thursday.

And finally, a few last glimpses of sunset over Vail.

I still want to share the artistry I saw in Beaver Creek Village and will do so soon! Still… Colorado captivated me and I hope the pictures delight you as much as they left me breathless.

2 thoughts on “When there are no words…

  1. Love your experiences in gorgeous Rockies. I praise God every single day I have those views. I know what you mean about God smiling cuz I’m so thrilled with His creativity for me!
    Around here though, our signs say Grizzly Bears, not Black Bears, though they’re really plentiful. I guess we don’t worry about them as much. Strange, huh? Couple of years ago on one quiet weekend afternoon, we had a bull elk come right into the (dead) flower bed and look in our living room window! And we live in TOWN!!
    Pretty Amazing God we serve! !

  2. We saw scores of elk as we drove back into New Mexico from Colorado. They were grazing pastures near the Colorado-New Mexico border like cattle. It was amazing. My cousin wanted to see a bull moose— I think that is what she said. We didn’t see one, though. I have some great pics I forgot to post of some fly fishermen in Avon. I think God is building up a post in me about that. I have so many things I loved and want to share. But, the posting takes so long. πŸ™ I’ll be at it again soon. πŸ™‚ Blessings, M

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