Sometimes I get too far ahead…

I sit here this Black Friday’s eve waiting for the pizza to arrive. My house will likely not sport the host of Christmas decorations this year. Normally by this time the day after Thanksgiving I am chomping at the bit to empty the attic and rearrange the furniture. This year, I am thoroughly content to put up our stockings and a little garland around the mantle and leave it right there.

My mind consumed with pictures, I barely move to anything that does not lead me to easel and brush. I cannot think of anything else. Which brings me to the point of this post.


I started something that I felt would be magnificent, gratifying and wonderfully insightful only to find that God did not order it off my menu. Sadly, I admit I got ahead of Him in a big way. The Names of Jesus may have never been my study even back in 2009 when life jumped the track and took down a path I never planned.

So here I am tonight, apologizing. For twice leading the readers of this blog on and then dropping you flat. For ambitiously jumping into things that are not officially mine to do. And for leaving you hanging all this time without word of why or what may indeed be happening.

I plan to come back to write this weekend – just not tonight. Tonight there are no pictures or Scriptures or anything more than just a simple, black on white apology and a prayer that you will return in the days ahead to discover anew the wonderful things God has me up to in this life. He indeed does a new thing in me… Something so fresh and alive I can hardly stand it.

Bless you all as these Holidays begin. Bless you with truth and love and hope and peace at Christmas and throughout the coming year. And most of all bless you with all you were ever created to be and more. Much favor. Much love. Much of Him who gives us life.

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