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With Pink Impact | A Christian Women’s Conference upon us, I thought I would lament on All Things PINK!

As Gateway Women, we are PINK! Pink at Gateway Church is not a color. IT is a realm of influence for women to step into. Think about the following words that Pastor Debbie and her team have brought to us to describe the Pink woman:

First of all the WORD “PINK” can be defined: the very embodiment (to give a body to (a spirit) : highest degree possible : height — in the pink : in the best of health or condition

Pink Women are also…

PASSIONATE. capable of, affected by, or expressing intense feeling; enthusiastic, ardent

POSITIONED.   an act of placing or arranging:  an arranging in order; place, situation, or standing: a situation that confers advantage or preference

PURPOSEFUL. meaningful, intentional; full of determination

POWERFUL. having great ability to act or produce an effect, prestige, or influence

POISED. having been put into readiness;  to have already been drawn up into readiness 

(Definitions taken from Merriam-Webster Online)

To be PINK is a call to a higher position or level of influence in your life as a woman whether it is in the marketplace, your church, the PTA at your child’s school or in your very own neighborhood. To be PINK is to be shaped, fashioned and positioned by God’s excellent nature for the powerful purpose of His greater calling on your life!

A PINK Woman is the very embodiment of God’s Spirit. She is a woman of the highest degree, she seeks to be in the best health and condition emotionally, spiritually and physically! She is enthusiastic and ardent, passionate in her pursuit of God and her God-given identity that draws her to her purpose. Because she knows her identity, she is meaningful and intentional, she is full of determination in the purpose for which she finds herself uniquely designed and fit to accomplish.

She is specifically placed and arranged in order – this makes her very effective. Not only this, she values her position and takes her place in the body. She seizes the moment with great effect. She is a woman of influence and is confident. Her feet are shod in readiness. She is well equipped and prepared to face not only the daily challenges of balancing her family, work and spiritual life, but also to stand in the face of the most difficult circumstance taking responsibility, holding herself in dignity and acting on behalf of herself or others in ways that reflect the Spirit and nature of God at work within her.

You see… You don’t have to be a member of Gateway Church to THINK PINK! The only qualification is God’s Spirit at work in YOU as a WOMAN. Rise up Women of God and THINK! PINK! Make a positive difference in the world around you for the Kingdom of God!


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