“He sets up kings and deposes them…” | Thoughts on This Election

I have had occasion to share with a few of my close family and friends my perspective on the upcoming election. After prayerful consideration, I am going to share my thoughts on this election here, in public, and pray that you would hear my heart rather than a political or even a religious response. I encourage all who read this to visit www.voteunderGod.com and consider the moral issues of this election and vote according to your moral values rather than a cultural agenda based on the gods of our pocketbooks or pride.

I believe I come at the elections from a different perspective than most. I am not going to try to persuade people how to vote based on my own opinion. I am not. I am also not in this to elect a “Pastor-in-Chief” but a “Commander-in-Chief.” I am voting for the best Executive candidate as I understand their qualifications in this coming election. In addition I choose to support candidates who best represent my own personal moral convictions and values.

Democratic Influence?

"Thoughts on This Election"
Our Founding Fathers gave us a representative Republic, ruled by law and founded on Biblical principles. For more information on America’s Biblical Foundation visit David Barton’s Wall Builder’s Website by clicking on the photograph. (Photo used from urbanchristiannews.com)

The United States of America is a Republic. It is not a democracy ruled by the whim of majority as many of the body politic would assert. Neither is it a theocracy ruled by God. It is a Republic: a representative form of government determined by electorate, ruled by law and founded on Judeo-Christian values. The majority, if not all, of the Founding Fathers and formation of our governmental system is based on Biblical principles and a common belief in a Biblical God. They did, also, value the right of every individual to decide their religion of choice as well as the freedom to speak on matters important to them and guaranteed these certain inalienable rights through our Bill of Rights. Their primary goal in forming this Republic was to ensure that every legal citizen (not every member of the global community or every person that crosses our borders) but every naturally born or naturalized citizen of this country is guaranteed the rights established by our Constitution so long as they were willing to abide by the laws established by the same document that is meant to offer each person the opportunity and unfettered  benefit of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

My Range of Influence

I am going to encourage everyone within my range of influence to examine the issues for themselves, prayerfully consider the issues at stake and vote as they feel convicted based on the moral issues rather than a personal political agenda based on party, culture, race or economic benefit. I personally will be voting against the candidate whom remains ill-qualified to be President, and it is my right to do so.

I personally have the same concerns that many of my Christians friends and family have voiced in recent days, but I am not terrified. I read the Old Testament and discover that the Lord always preserves a remnant of the faithful. My role in this is personal responsibility. My goal these days comes to using my influence to glorify God. To pray diligently for the leaders of my country and to participate in the privilege of the electorate of this country and make wise decisions based on my relationship with God and my understanding of His word.

For me, this issue came to a head during the last election. I prayed diligently for the Lord to relent from allowing what appeared to me to be a “King Saul”-which I saw in either candidate on the ballot at the time-from being elected in 2008. I even wrote a letter to President Obama after his election imploring him to not act in the manner of King Saul – which in my personal opinion he has. As I sat watching the election results draw to a close, I cried out to God one last time. I wept, yelled at the television and remained in turmoil over what appeared to be the outcome when I heard, “If he is President will you honor him?”

My heart sank, because in my experience, this meant that the Lord wanted something other than radical EVANGELICAL activism. I had completely missed him in my blog posts and conservative activism. He wanted me to realize it is He who “sets up Kings and deposes them.” God appoints all governmental authority. Eventually I looked to Joseph, who was captive to Egypt and submitted to Pharaoh. Perhaps a better example is Daniel who did not conform to the pattern of the world around him, but submitted both God in prayer and principle and to King Nebachednezzar. The result is clear, both Joseph and Daniel found favor and positions of influence in a godless society. Our country received in 2008 the president that the heart of most Americans cried out for… I believe that with my whole heart.

My vote is a private matter between God and I. The bottom line for me is each of us has to be accountable for the actions we take in response to our present circumstances. My role, as I have come to understand it, is to point people toward God as our source of relief and rescue. I am to glorify Him in my response to what feels like oppressive and perilous circumstances. More than all of this, I am to trust that no matter who is elected President of the United States, that I may trust my God to take care of me and my family no matter what follows.

Am I cautiously aware of what will happen knowing that the Lord will not contend with the spirit of man forever? Indeed, I am. For I know that divine discipline ensues when man and nations of men lean to human understanding and forsake God in their hearts. But, I also know all discipline comes to mankind through the Love and Heart of God. That His justice and His mercy prevail.

I trust my God more than my circumstances.

I pray the book of Joel over the United States of America and I ask God to share His heart with me. The elected officials of this country and their morals and values reflect the heart of this nation. The heart of this nation, even among most believers in Christ, is far from God. It strikes me a sad statement on things that professing Mormons like Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck are the only prominent conservative voices that reflect the change this country needs. Though, the cultural communities are rising up and making their voices heard in these late days – meaning their is a Latino Contingent voting for Romney, and many African American Pastors and Bishops across the country have stood and decried their culture’s allegiance to the democratic party. Many churches and religious leaders are advocating the issues of their convictions and encouraging their congregants to “get out the vote”, but honestly all of this does little to assuage the moral vacancy in the heart of America today.

This country will not see revival with the next President of the United States, we will see revival when the hearts of the Church, professing believer’s in Christ, return to their first love and take actions to reflect God’s image and glory upon the earth. I have acted in good faith and good conscience and that is the bottom line for me.

I used to be radically sensitized to these things, as many I know still are – Still, I am not unconcerned. I am simply following the Lord’s promptings and moving where He demonstrates peace for me. My goal is to live at peace with all people – as Paul instructed. To exemplify the Gospel of Christ which came for the Jew and the Gentile alike and to be a living, breathing representation of the Image of God on earth. I cannot win people to the Lord if I fear them, and I cannot persuade people that I am different than radical muslims who kill people in the name of their God if I am defaming the people He sent His Son to save. Our greatest contribution to the world is our Love. Jesus said they will know we are His disciples by our love.

What I have heard…

Many have taken issue with our current President stating he is lying about his faith and aligned with those who profess the Muslim faith. I saw the Dinesh D’Souza film about our sitting President and walked away convicted even more so to pray for a man deeply wounded by his upbringing.  Many have drawn the question of President Obama’s religious beliefs, his nationality and his ulterior motives. May I say that to me… and perhaps this is only my conviction… That my primary concern is being found faithful to my God. I understand that leaders like President Obama and every elected official of this country’s government must give account for their actions and what they have professed before God in their terms of office.

As for President Obama being a Muslim… I can’t judge his heart. I know many have claimed he is not a Christian but a practicing Muslim. He is inclined to sympathize and remain complicit with them based on results, but he is also a very wounded man who idolizes his anti-imperical father and his radically liberal mother both who abandoned him to the care of his grandparents who were also anti-imperical and radically liberal. President Obama himself claims to be a professing believer in Christ. His convictions may bring into question his true beliefs but that is for God to judge. I cannot judge that from here. Jesus came not to judge the world, but to save it. I am seeking His heart in this matter. Though many I love and am close to feel strongly about our sitting President, as did I as we entered the last election season. God has changed my heart on the matter. I pray that you understand my lengthy monologue on the subject.

He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. ~ Daniel 2:21 (NIV)

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  1. Michelle,

    I was drawn here by a Bing search to find Daniel 2:21 on Bible Gateway to link to my own blog post. God is speaking a very similar message to me, and to others who are listening. If we follow JESUS, and quit leaning on our own understanding, we can transform the world, not just the political landscape.


  2. This is so well written & I can tell you really prayed about it & listened to God. I passed it on to several friends & family. Thank you.

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