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Photo | Michelle Bentham (c) 2013, All Rights Reserved.

Thinking on the meaning of KEYS today. After lunch with Daddy, he took me by the church offices to pick up a key card that will give me access to the church building for after business hour counseling/ministry sessions.

Keys represent access, authority, safety, security, responsibility, revelation, an expression of trust and keys are necessary.

As I put the key card away in a safe place I realized, I’ve literally had “keys” to access the buildings of all but one church I have attended. And just now as I typed those words another thought…

Our family is going on a trip to the Magic Kingdom this summer. My brothers and their families, along with my youngest brother’s in-laws and my girls, our parents and I are all going to be trekking across the southern United States for a week in the Florida sunshine and fun in the most imaginative and creative place on earth.

The trip is really a gift to me, as my brother and his wife have graciously provided all the things to make the trip fit for royalty. I logged into “My Disney Experience” the other day and noticed there is a magic band which you use as your ticket or your key to the Magic Kingdom and for our vacation this includes all four Disney theme parks along with two water parks and the platinum package meal plan.

We are staying in first class accommodations and this band even serves as our key to the hotel room door. Included in the stay are tickets to light and fireworks shows, dinner theater, Cirque de Soleil, horseback riding, spa treatments, bicycle and watercraft rentals, golfing which includes cart and clubs, and well— you get the picture. My personal excitement is over renting a bicycle and riding in a tethered balloon ride over part of the Magic Kingdom park… AND, more than that being with family for a week . But, to gain access you have to have a “key”/wristband and someone else, in my case, made the sacrifice and paid the price so I could enjoy this kingdom. I don’t deserve this trip- I didn’t earn it – and though I will have some expenses related to vacation the cost will not be anywhere close to the price paid for me.

Isn’t that just what Jesus has done for us? He has paid the price that we might have the keys to His Kingdom and access to everything He is afforded there. To quote Pastor Jeremy this weekend, “A lot of people don’t necessarily want Jesus, but they want His stuff. But, what they don’t realize is that when you get Jesus, you get His stuff.” AMEN! Feeling very, very grateful and blessed.

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