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Sometimes you have to lay down your ideas to live in His Dream for You! Wherever you are in your journey, BE ENCOURAGED! When I lived as a prodigal, running from the pain of my choices and trauma in my life I worked at the Dallas County Courts. One day, as I worked the copy room, I received a call that would be a voice of direction many years later as I learned to bloom where I am planted.

In 2012 change loomed on the horizon that bore the promise of storm or dissipation. The choice was mine. I chose to step out of the boat that season and join Jesus on the waters.

One of the catalysts to my event happened when I agreed to join my friend, Angie, on her radio show, Resolute Catalyst. As Angie and I sat waiting to go I. The air, a quiet and gentle word began to reverberate in my spirit.

My heart returned to those days a troubled young woman answering the phones in the District Clerk’s office. I will never forget the voice on the overt end of the line.

“Dallas County District Clerk’s Records office, this is Michelle. How may I help you?”

The person connecting paused and then he said, “Have you ever considered going into radio?”

My high school educated insecure self replied. “I would know the first thing about it.”

He said, rather matter of fact, “Well, you should, you have a great voice for it.”

We moved on to the business at hand with that little nugget of remarkable insight tucked away in my brain for future reference. Many years later when a chance encounter with a friend would bring me a piece of my destiny I never would have considered otherwise.

On Thursday, September 20, 2012, I hit the internet airwaves as a radio show host of my very own show. In February 2013 circumstances took me away from the microphone, but my heart has longed for it day-by-day.

This week opportunity has knocked and I am so excited to be going back into the radio booth to broadcast and speak life to anyone willing to listen to the sound of my voice. Whatever you long for in your heart, the time is now. Doors are opening and destiny awaits. live fully alive!

One of my coaching questions for people trying to connect to their lifelong dream or purpose is: What do people consistently call out in you and say you would be good at

The only thing that will keep you from your God ordained destiny is you.

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