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Everyone enjoys a fitting reply; it is wonderful to say the  right thing at the right time! – Proverbs 15:23 (NLT

Last night God called me by name. I did not hear His audible voice speaking my name, but a faithful witness and minister of prophetic encouragement said she had a word for “Michelle.”

For many years I’ve attended events where prophetic impartation was planned and anticipated. I would go into the environment and hear the Lord speak through His ministers to the people on the stage and I would pray when the words in due season were delivered that He would “give me a word.”

Each time I found myself in an environment where the prophetic was released, my heart stirred and life quickened in the deepest reaches of my heart and soul. I did not know in those early days that the reason I had such a stirring response to prophetic expression is because I operate in the prophetic gifting. For lack of a better term, I have a prophetic bent.

On one evening after attending the annual “presbytery” service at church and walking away disappointed that my face was not highlighted nor was my name called… I heard a gentle whisper in my heart. “Why do you want men to give you words when I give you words all the time?”

I knew the voice of the Lord in that moment. I recognized the gentle correction in my thinking. I was not hungry for a word from God, I was hungry to be RECOGNIZED in public. I surrendered my desire to be singled out in public.

Since that day I’ve received words and precious encouragement from my prophetic community in profound ways. I sense a pregnant atmosphere in my life right now. Things are being planted and Jesus is moving all around me.

Last night, at a new year’s conference in the Dallas-Fort Worth area I attended with friends hungry for the presence of God. I desired to hear from His heart about this new year. And… Just when I had given up on any kind of personal impartation in this kind of setting I heard the pastor giving prophetic encouragement and impartation call out my name. “Is there a Michelle?”

I sat stunned by the goodness of God in that moment.

I immediately sensed it was me but felt reluctant to stand and receive the word. Then, as those around me resounded my presence I stood and went forward to receive. Another woman had acknowledged her name to be Michelle, and the pastor even acknowledged the Lord had shown her this was the woman’s middle name. Which it was…

The word was arrow true – hitting the bullseye of my heart. It did not make me weep – it did not make me giddy with excitement. It covered me in sober gratitude. Soberness of heart has been a theme in my life these last few months. The Lord is doing a new thing and I’m standing close to my Father’s heart today, anticipating the fulfillment of His promises from Scripture and the promises I’ve received through those faithful to speak from the heart of God to my heart. May His Words be ever true.

2016 – a year of expectation, a year to plan and plant… A year of a blank canvas.

Proverbs 25:11 states that a word fitly or rightly spoken [at the appropriate time] is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Divine, refining and nourishing. That is exactly how I feel this morning. Sober. Aware. Grateful. This morning I am anticipating the goodness of my God fully expressed in 2016. Thank you Lord!


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