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Quiet TimesI’m writing again. Those words seem so strange to tap out ¬† on this keyboard tonight. Communication is so core to who I am – to not have been communicating for months seems so foreign to me. And, still… Here I am writing again.

Tonight my heart muses on things both past and future. I realize in these moments how difficult it is for me to remain in the present. I am always thinking of how to change the past or what I’m moving toward in the future. These thoughts often rob me of being in the moment. Being present in Today.

Then I think of how Ecclesiastes is a book about what life is not supposed to be. Vanity. Chasing after the wind. Here I sit, wondering where I’d be if I’d been present, consistent and moving in the moment rather than chasing after the wind.

Tonight, I am basking in being here in this moment today. A day when my #TruthTalk devotion dawned the pages of the StoneWater Church app. A day when I sat in a meeting at work¬†with some of the most talented, humorous and amazing people I’ve ever met and laughed as we shared about our lives with one another.

A day when I lunched with the girls in the office and we talked about non-stick cookware for the better part of the meal. I solved a couple of problems and worked on help tickets before leaving the office and heading to Starbucks.

There I met my friends. Two who have loved me well for the last year or so and one I’ve only begun to know. One who is unique, precious and treasured. She has a “deadline” as she prefers to call it. A deadline for becoming dead. She has been saved for a little more than 4 years and has built more of a believer’s legacy than most lifelong Christians leave to their children. She is wise, funny, a little rough around the edges, but in truth – who isn’t? She is as my dear friend calls her, “A Jewel.”

Today as we sat talking about life, and Jesus (she calls Him the Brilliant Boy) and freedom… I said, “There’s a lot of life in you for someone who is dying.” In some ways it makes me sad to think she has a short time diagnosis, but in a way it makes me so happy for her. But, then… I pray. God show her that she will live and not die. Give her faith to believe for your healing the way she believes you’ll provide. Give us a miracle for her life. And God says, I do it every single day.

I’m blessed to know her. Grateful to have been in the moment with her today. Grateful for fresh perspective and a deadline to remind me that the future matters less when we realize how valuable today is. So my friend whom I call “Buried Treasure” and my friends call, “Jewel,” reminds me my God is bigger, more gracious and more real than anything I’ve imagined Him to be and today I live to please Him alone. Nothing is wasted with Him.


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