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Today a friend encouraged me (and thousands of other “Mes” in the FB world) to post my own thoughts. The idea – Be Uniquely You! Find your voice, write your style, sing your song, create your masterpiece! Live your one life and shout from the rooftops who you are for all the world to see! Don’t settle for a copy & paste, like & share kinda social life. Live Out Loud!

Right now, I’m riding in the car with #TheFisherman and my thoughts are of pillows and blankets and no particular time to be up once I get home. I’ve been up since 4:30 am and well a very full life at 46 means I need to rest sometimes, more often than I like to admit. Then my mind turns the page on FB and…

I’ve been posting my own thoughts since 2007 when I tapped out my first blog to the world wide web. Before that I found my way into the LifeWay forums and dialogued my thoughts in threads before social media was really a social thing and instant messaging was brand new. I am not even sure I knew what a Mac or a Gigabyte was – much less a cell phone.

If I rewind the tape a little more I land in 1997 when I was a single momma making a mess of my life, dreaming of writing books when I found a writer’s online forum and chat room (its still out there…). I wrote my own thoughts there and got my first paid publishing gig to boot… 486 words of “GREEN” flash fiction and a green-backgrounded check from the editor of an e-zine called Fish Eggs For the Soul. That is just over a penny per word, and I high five myself for beating Stephen King as his first paid gig netted @ 1/2 cent per word!

Today I am still tapping out my thoughts on the world wide web and then helping friends find their voice, share their thoughts and figure out how to live uniquely and authentically out loud because I believe testimonies – our stories – are important. They need to be heard.

Bob makes a good point! Don’t just be a reposting machine – be original, take a risk and make your voice heard. We’re waiting to hear from you!

If I share your thoughts with my sphere of influence… It’s not so much that I am not sharing my own story or thoughts, but that I’ve found value in your thoughts and deemed them worth sharing. So I’ll keep sharing my thoughts and even yours at times, but I’ll also be rethinking why I post and repost, and what it says about being uniquely me. Today I’m tired and these are my thoughts.

Thank you, Bob Hamp – posting my own thoughts…

I could repost yours but I’m going to share your name and let others discover you for themselves. You can find more about Bob at

(Written & Shared on Saturday, October 1, 2016, on Facebook – (c) 2016 Michelle Bentham, All Rights Reserved.)

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