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Her Name is Wildflower

“My Beloved is a bouquet of Wildflowers

picked just for me.” – Song of Songs 1:14 (MSG)

She takes off her sorrow

Declaring her Redeemer’s glory

Her heart dances in His love

As joy rains down from above

Proclaiming the blessing

beyond her grieving

Beauty for ashes she’s received

A glorious telling to be believed

Set on a mountainside

for God alone

In a field on display

for all to see

Plucked for a vase set in the House…

The Glory of Wildflower

is that she be.

Wildflower is a personal testimony of how God delivered Michelle from the pain she lived as a prodigal who overcame domestic violence, the death of her oldest child, and the pain of her her own sinful past.

In 2009 a team of prophetic ministers shared that God said she is a wildflower. Michelle despised that word thinking Wildflowers while beautiful from a distance typically are damaged with missing leaves and bent stems. But as God began to teach her what a Wildflower is she realized that Wildflowers declare God’s glory by their existence. God showed her that Wildflowers grow in an climate and they grow best uncultivated.

Wildflowers grow in unlikely places and can often be found growing in rocks. And more recently God has reminded Michelle that when you happen upon a field of Wildflowers growing in a field – that they create a beautiful landscape.

About the Artist: Michelle Bentham is an inspired prophetic artist and ordained minister. She often says that every painting tells a story and believes that when you spend time with a piece of art it will speak to you beyond the limitations of human vocabulary.She believes her creativity and work is born from the depths of her relationship with God and is passionate about connecting people to God’s heart through creative expression. She professes Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and offers private prophetic painting sessions for individuals and small groups by appointment through Against the Grain Studio in Granbury, TX. To learn more about Michelle and her artwork visit

This item is in the possession of it’s owner and no longer for sale. Prints, framed or unframed, and Art Cards of this work are available by order or at Against the Grain Studio in Granbury, TX.

Image of 16×20 Mixed Media on Canvas
Words & Art (c) Michelle Bentham 2011-2018, All Rights Reserved. 
 Michelle Bentham – P O Box 5172 – Granbury, TX 76049

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