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Grieving a loss or change in life remains one of the most natural expressions of love in the human existence. On Grieving Well is a series of posts on what I’ve learned through my grief journey. It is not lost on me that as I begin this series I am entering my “grief week.” This is the exact same week seven years ago that found my son in the hospital and soon gone to his heavenly home. In the last seven years I have followed God on a journey of sorrow, pain, faith, hope and ultimately to life fully alive.

Michelle suffered many traumatic events and losses throughout her life. Most recently she has weathered the turbulent storms of grief that surround the death of a child. Her eldest son went home to be with the Lord in 2005. Michelle has spent the last eight years walking out her own journey to healing and acceptance while coming alongside others in their grief journey to help them along the way.

Michelle has been blessed to work alongside some of the most gifted and anointed people in Pastoral Care today. Her experience and the training she received as a lay minister have proven invaluable. She is a seasoned lay minister serving in many areas of ministry but most recently in the area of inner healing and deliverance. She spent two years leading women through Grief Recovery in a small group setting, as well as serving as a facilitator for a bereaved parent’s support group. She also has three years experience providing facilitating safe environments for individuals to meet with God and encounter His life changing healing power and presence. To read more about Michelle’s personal journey and insights in this area please use the links below.


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SERIES: On Grieving Well 

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  2. Session Two: What I Learned in the Valley 
  3. Session Three: Grieving Forward

Those Michelle has served with in ministry know her as a “grief expert” and she has been called upon by both pastors and licensed professional counselors to assist in meeting the needs of individuals walking through various aspects of grief and loss. Last year in an unusual turn of event Michelle offered grief counsel through comments to young women who frequent Beth Moore’s LPM Blog. Beth responded with affirmation and encouragement. Michelle writes about that experience in Comment 581 & Rhema Moments  Her personal story of how God has ministered to her in her grief was shared on Women Of Faith’s website in March 2012. She continues to tell her story and encourage others to seek God and His healing power as they suffer through the agonies and losses of this temporary life.


Note from Michelle: I pray that the Lord would bless you in His love, His peace, His comfort and His revelation as you make your grief journey through loss to acceptance. More than all of this, I pray that He will restore your joy and that you will indeed realize His healing power to restore you to a life fully alive.


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