Michelle has spent 12 years growing in her ministry and leadership ability in inner healing, deliverance, equipping & training others to lead lives of Freedom in Christ and ministering through Prophetic encouragement in written, spoken and visual art mediums.

Michelle is an inspired visual artist and communicator. Her deepest desire is to lead people to connect to God’s Heart through Creative Expression! She helps others embrace their identity, discover their passion, inspire those around them and live life Fully Alive!

Tune in each week to hear all about the things God is inspiring her to share through teaching, reflection and just airing out her own heart online. Click the picture on this page or visit your iTunes podcast store and subscribe to discover biblical truth and what it means to Live Fully Alive!

This Week’s Podcasts:

Episode 1 | January 9, 2016 – Introductions & Ephesians 1 “Who You Are In Christ”

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