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Michelle Bentham Creates LLC exists as for-profit business according to the laws of the state of Texas, United States of America. Established in January 2023 to house the creative, written, and coaching works of Michelle Bentham, author, speaker, visual artist, ordained minister and executive coach.

This LLC provides an official home for the following business ventures: Blooming Inspired Arts, Blooming Inspired Media, Michelle Bentham Coaching, and Kingdom Focused Life.

Blooming Inspired Arts

Michelle Bentham is an inspired visual and prophetic artist. Having painted in worship and gallery settings, Michelle’s art exists to creatively connect people to God’s heart through artistic expression. Blooming Inspired Arts is an online gallery space and store with a dream of becoming a brick-and-stick hub for creatives who share a vision and passion for helping others see God through the ministry of paint.

Blooming Inspired Media

As a published author, Michelle realized a need to formalize a publishing company for her written, visual, audio, and graphic design work. Blooming Inspired Media exists to help bridge the gap for many who are self-publishing by coming alongside, offering assistance and an umbrella for publication. Whether you are seeking to start your own publishing label, podcast, blog, video, or other media based endeavor, Michelle consistently champions her client’s vision and helps others find their way to success in the realm of media.

Kingdom Focused Ministries

Kingdom Focused Ministries exists to equip and empower all believers to maturity in Christ and the works of ministry. Currently, The Kingdom Focused Life serves as an online community for engaging with each other around the topic of living in Christ, pursuing His Kingdom, and growing in His works throughout the body of Christ. Check out our free “The Kingdom Focused Life” network through the Mighty Networks App.

As a creative and intuitive life coach, ordained minister, and artist, I have walked the road from dream to designing my destiny according to God’s plan for my life! 

My passion for working with Christian women is the focus of this season of my life. If you find yourself exploring new opportunities, embarking on the next season of life, or seeking to brainstorm options that will lead you to a life filled with destiny, purpose, and unlimited potential. I’d love to work with you!

Throughout our collaborative process, we will dream, discover, develop, define, and design every action step you take until you are deployed – empowered to activate living wildest dreams.

Looking for the opportunity to know and grow together!

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