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Meet Michelle, and learn more Michelle Bentham Creates LLC. Michelle Bentham Creates LLC was established in 2023 to house the coaching, consulting and creative work of Michelle Bentham. Her business model exemplifies what it means to live a sacred life before God allowing HIs leadership, truth and direction to direct everything you do in life.

faith & freedom

Every life is a story unfolding, waiting to be told. I pray you find encouragement as I share mine with you: Freedom came to me after years of full-on rebellion, extravagant living, and pure desperation. I never thought that one could live in complete freedom. I mean, yes, of course, I know we live in the land of the free. Christ died to set us free, and, well, that freedom is not… FREE.

The truth is that life in this fallen, outside-of-Eden world I was born into teaches me that freedom is the absence of rules and responsibilities. When we launch ourselves in the direction of that definition of freedom, we are looking for that day when we are not obligated to do or be something specific. Freedom, though, when we consider what we are looking for, is not found in what we do, nor in how we define ourselves or our circumstances – Freedom is the life-changing presence of God at work in the life of those who yield themselves to it.


I affirm these statements as my own true and personal beliefs. I further state that my profession of faith in Jesus Christ as both savior and Lord has been a constant confession from the age of 12 and that I was baptized in water at salvation in October 1982 and again in February 2005, after I received personal revelation and a renewed commitment in my life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Coaching Women

After years of struggling to realize my identity, purpose, and calling through traditional ministry and life experiences – I stepped out, took a risk, and discovered a life I didn’t even know I dreamed about! 
I sought out mentors and leaders in my life. I desired to be raised up and equipped for my purpose in Christ. But God had other plans. He raised me up.

Today, I believe God has given each of us an unlimited potential wrapped in His infinite possibilities and supernatural power.

I can’t wait to help you grow your dreams into a blooming inspired life!

Meet Michelle Bentham

Michelle Bentham lives called to serve God and His Kingdom as an ordained minister, visual artist, author, speaker, and teacher. She remains passionate about helping others connect to God’s heart through creative expression and God’s Word – the scriptures and His Son, Jesus Christ. She lives as a daughter and friend of God, wife to Scott – AKA #TheFisherman, a mentor, friend, and mother to a handful of amazing adult children, sons-in-love, and Mimi to two precious grandchildren while anticipating the arrival of her third Fall 2024.